German Cars vs. American Homes! God bless our Triple Axis of Evil.
Man, I've got this awful feeling in my throat... no, I'm not hungover... it's sort of like this phlegmy feeling, with a hip hop beat... it's strange... oh no, are you serious? I can't really have German Cars vs. American Homes, can I? Oh, that's just the final straw. It's one  thing to wake up and find you have herpes, or a flu, or something, but German Cars vs. American Homes? Come on, what the hell did I do to deserve that? The last thing I need is several vocalists, a cellist/bassist, 2 drummers, a guitarist - hell, sometimes two guitarists - and 2 nerds with "keyboard guitars". Jesus, now I've got this huge headache too. I'm starting to feel really crap-core. Someone turn on some lite rock with a hip-hop beat. I really don't want to catch their 16-track CD, One in a Million. I've got a big date tonight and I don't want to blow it. What? You say I should put my rear butt in reverse? Oh. Far out, man. Thanks a lot.

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