Mishap Records is a unique independent record label featuring innovative music of all genres including crap-core, far-out, freak-out, anti-folk and other musical genres with hyphens in their names. Coming simultaniously out of Queens, New York and California�s bay area, Mishap Records is inescapable. Enjoy, motherfucker.
Yo, these guys are just rippin' off Mos Def! GERMAN CARS vs. AMERICAN HOMES: One in a Million (CD)
James Call�s far-out sextet of musical superheros is named for their sound; the unmistakable sound of efficient things crashing into inefficient things. The holy war is being waged on all fronts and you are every soldier. Do not miss this chance to leer at greatness from behind the barbed-wire fence of your soul! 17 songs including �Fireman,�  �Tag Along�  and �Man of the Hour.� Plus, One in a Million's super-hip cover doubles as an exciting scratch off game! Will you be our lucky winner? More fun than the New York State lottery and the Stock Exchange combined! MP3  info  shows  the Real James  Buy the album  reviews   add to cart.
GERMAN CARS vs. AMERICAN HOMES: Brunch - Meal of the Elite (CD) >>>>
German Cars vs American Homes and Jared Rock visit a reocrding studio and return several days later clasping this master close to their collective heart. 23 tunes including all your favorites: �Microscope Head,� �DWI,� �Astoria, Queens� etc, etc... MP3  manifesto 

Pope John Paul III serve up their bizarre smorgasbord of musical genres on their new CD. With heavy influences from They Might Be Giants, Robert Johnson and the Wings, as well as a cynical/generally pissed-off attitude, this is truly an album for all seasons. Features crowd-pleasers such as �Cliché,� �I like Girls,� �Confidence Factory� and �I wanna� Be a Bellhop.� MP3  reviews  lyrics   info  buy this album   Add this to your cart! Now!

Almost All Real Songs! (CDR)
Everyday is Christmas with Pope John Paul III. Almost a new album featuring �Give Me an Art Grant,� �Good,� �Paul McCartney's Studio,� �Puppy Love� and 13 other hits! Stop looking at me. the Mundanes  interview   add to your cart.

God must be mad at you or something.
Experiments in Crap-Core vol. 1 (CDR)
Extremely strange Pope John Paul III rarities and oddities. 19 unreleased gems such as �the Pope John Paul Blues,� �There�s a Tavern in the Town� and �interlude: the 50s.� MP3

This is a compilation with 15 bands of many varying musical styles such as unadorned punk, nerdy electro-pop, weird jazzy songs and perverse acoustic tunes. �I have been listening to nothing but this since I got it and I can�t get over how fucking good it is!� says Satanica of Playtime Daddy zine. Features Ebony Browne�s infamous �Necrophiliac, Nymphomaniac, Pyromaniac Sex Fiend� and 20 other songs by people such as, endorphin, James Call, the Traveling Misanthrope Circus of Lunacy, General Handywork and Mung. Available on CD or cassette.  reviews  MP3  info  buy this album   add to cart.
I deserve a million dollars
Perpetual Motion Machine by Adam Beebe; underground avant-garde noise
by Adam Beebe
Sixty minutes of avant-garde musiqué concréte and ambient electronic pieces. This abstract look at our post modern society is a work of pure genius. No household should be without this CD. MP3  info  reviews   art

Among the sickly garbage heap that is American pop culture, Mike Garlington is a glimmering beacon of hope. A charmer of both the ladies and the gentlemen, young Mr. Garlington is also a prolific drunk. Mike's punky, folky music is full of the spontanious energy and blatant plagarism that is so popular with the youth of today. Let's salute this brilliant young man and give him the millions of dollars he so greatly deserves. Includes �Daisy Doright,� �Jug of Rum,� �Omah Devoe� and others. As seen on daytime TV! info  photography  reviews   MP3   Photocar!   add to your cart!!!
enjoy a pleasant evening with Michael Garlington.

Together, we can profit from this tragedy.
The Mundanes were there when life began; some believe that they where in fact the catalyst that created life. As they slowly enveloped the world with their hollow love, they spiritually merged with electronic devices to spread their holy message of repetition and sorrow. Girls: these are the lads you want to father your hordes of drooling slave children. Varied instrumental favorites such as  �Circus of Reverb,� �Reocurring Nazi Sex Dream� and �El Disco Del Despair.� Fashionably obscure! MP3  info  add to cart.

ENDORPHIN: There's No One But You
endorphin plays a hardcore dopeadellic-punk-hip hop-calypso-funk-ska hybrid that will make your skin crawl while you bounce around like an idiot. Featuring vocals by Damian Kalish. If Bob Dylan was an even worse singer and he was backed up by a bunch of drunks and drug addicts, it still wouldn't sound anything like this.  10 fab soliloquies of disgust and disillusion including �Weird Girl,� �Fuck STP,� and �White Boy Day.� MP3  pretty girls on the subway
venereal disease!
General Handywork is the crowning achievement of western civilization. Ever since man descovered punk rock, these obnoxious troubadors have been spreading their message of love, justice and togetherness, as well as spitting on and throwing shit at people. word up.
TED BOND / General Handywork
Jonas Ted Bond has written some of the best punk songs ever. Whether rockin' the mic for Craig's Brother and the Future Funk Entertainment Project or jamming with General Handywork, Ted's music is always raw and energetic, the way punk's supposed to be. But its his intelligent and soulful lyrics that make him stand out from the rest. This collection is for anyone who's sick of the passive, show-biz schlock the man is churning out and labeling punk this days. Includes unreleased Craig's Brother demos and unheard General Handywork classics such as, �Rob Green,� �Grahm Bell,�and �Chani.� MP3  info  writings  Better Dead than Red   add this masterpiece to your cart!

Hyperactive lyrical gymnastics over pumpin� synth-pop from the very neurotic main man of German Cars vs. American Homes. James� surreal babble will have your brain flipping around in your head while his spastic grooves will have your body freakin� on the dance floor. Says Ian Stewart of Autoreverse zine, �Language fails me to describe how brilliant this music is. If it got stolen, I would go on a violent killing spree.� 13 songs including, �Vacuum,� �Steamroller� and �Information.�   MP3  reviews  lyrics
Every day is Christmas with James Call.
shaved legs!
The Neurotic World of James Call 
Get the party started eighteen more zesty James Call tunes such as �Dance of the Skeletons,� �Party Nazi,� �Tagalong� and �I love the Northwest.� Down with the man! MP3  review  info

Stop looking at me. JARED ROCK
Jared�s happy, folky songs about elves, monkeys and driving drunk have captured the hearts and imaginations of dozens. A tasteful blend of Jared�s quirky down-home prog-rock tunes with experimental pieces from his infamous Jerry and the Curls session. Features �I�m a Gnome,� �Candyland,� �Crocodile� and others. A favorite of children of all ages! MP3  info  art

THE MISHAP CREW: ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly
Collective experimetal and spoken word unhappiness featuring every single one of Mishap Record's superstars. Not for the weak-hearted, the Mishap Crew break crap-core down to it's most obnoxious components. An amazingly self-indulgant endevor that will frighten as it enlightens. Features Baby Lust, possibly the most offensive song ever written as well as 15 other classics. But is it art? MP3  info  Add this to your cart, asshole.
You are too ignorant to fully appreciate our art.

Super-heavy soul! Sci-Fi type shit! the FUTURE FUNK ENTERTAINMENT PROJECT
Space-age underground hip hop from the same people that brought you �I Don�t Got Polio� and �Bootysaurus Rex.� The inventive rhymes and strange, stupid-def instrumentation on this CD will have you lockin� and poppin� til the break of dawn. Features an all-star cast of millions! Almost all the emcees are pizza deliverers! A favorite of anyone who isn�t hella stupid and ugly. Hell yeah!  MP3  info  be like Josh Brazil

Pope John Paul the Third's musical guiding light embarks on a mystical journey into America's deadend soul and emerges with this brilliant solo set. Whether playing anguished folk, traditional blues and country or soulful rock n' roll tunes, Ryan Beebe's music is a feast for the senses. Includes "Old Home Place" "Coming to the Station" and "Happy Hour."  The perfect gift for the woman who has everything except this CD.  MP3  info
everybody's happy cuz it's happy hour

underground, music compilation, beyotch! MORE MUSIC NO ONE WILL EVER HEAR
A new Mishap compilation featuring an amazing variety of new songs and some popular favorites. 17 songs by people such as Ted Bond, Jared Rock, Pope John Paul the Third, The Mundanes, James Call and German Cars vs. American Homes. Imagine how hip you�ll seem when you bump this obscure music in your dorm at three in the morning. Fabulous! reviews
Whether you have to drive an automobile every day, or you simply live in a third world country, cassette tapes are still going strong! Believe it or not, but normal people used to buy and listen to tapes such as ours. Now we've got a lot of them left over that nobody wants. Ten tapes of favorites like Better Dead than Red, James Call, Pope John Paul the Third and other fun stuff all for an incredible bargain of five bucks! Fuck vinyl... real audiophile-type-snobs prefer the hissy and obsolete sounds of Mishap tapes!

Hey! Do you play the guitar? Wow! I play the guitar too! SPLEEN-A-ZINE
Always controversial, the hillariously disturbing Spleen-A-Zine is a garish mirror reflecting our diseased society. Ever since its debut, the Spleen-A-Zine has been a favorite among intellectuals, alcoholics, perverts, uncharismatic people, the self-destructive, fashion models, members of congress and people who can't digest dairy products. Now you too can join the fun! Show off your impecible taste with these wacky issues of the Spleen-A-Zine! Xerox Head/Fonsch Bride issue * The Amanda J. Hargens issue * The Mao Chick issue * The Least Offensive Issue So FarLet�s Hear It For Capitalism issue info & online articles   three random back issues of the Spleen-A-Zine for five dollars?! I'm in heaven!

The Spleen-A-Zine's Adam Beebe-Infanticide recently put together this fab mini-chap book of interesting mail he's recieved. This intrusive and voyueristic look into people's personal lives will entertain / confuse the entire family. $2.
Damian and Adam are NOT perverts, OKAY?!!PRETTY GIRLS ON THE SUBWAY
A beautiful volume of peeping-tom poetry from noted conceptual artist and pervert, Damian L. Kalish. Simple, humorous and poignant verse inspired women on New York's subway system. Ilustrated by Adam Beebe. $4 or $9 with one of Damian's original handwritten message T shirts, each one a one-of-a-kind work of art.

To order by mail: Send us your name, address (etc) and a description of what you want. Make Checks out to Mishap Productions. Zines are $2. The CDs  are $8. CDR are $5 or something of equal value or a nice letter... or simply use your paypal account (what, you don't have one yet? I'll pretend I didn't hear that, darling.)

Mishap Productions 846 Pine Flat rd. Santa Cruz, CA 95060 usa

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