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Crap-core giant German Cars vs American Homes has just finished their new record One in a Million. Recorded by Spencer Chakedis, darling of the New York anti-folk scene, this CD features 17 tracks, none of which have any purpose. Still, it features so many smash hits that listening to the entire CD in one sitting will result in diaherrea and physical seizures. One in a Million is sure to be a favorite among young adults everywhere. GC vs. AH constantly play in and around New York City; their shows are a near-religous experience for those that attend, and usually result in at least 2 suicides.


Pope John Paul the Third have spent too much time drinking coffee and playing with their 8-track and not enough time trying to find jobs and girlfriends that love them and will help them settle down. If you are going through a difficult period in your life, you might as well listen to Almost All Real Songs. This CD is a crap-core gem, whose songs should be used as standards of songwriting. Help a starving child... wait, fuck the starving child. Buy Almost All Real Songs.

Pope John Paul III's Ryan Beebe is producing a new batch of folk songs by infamous photographer and drunk, Mike Garlington. Mike Garlington Sings Good Songs is like a sweater made of steel wool that you have to put on to go to a family reunion, only to find that almost your entire family are dead, and the remainder have been changed to a different ethnic background (i.e., Irish-American to Uzbeki-American, etc.). Get laid to this CD! You won't regret it... will you?

This good wizard, Mike Garlington, is also working on a new book of photo-portraits, entitled Desert Homesteaders. This book studies the lives of America's expatriates living in isolation. Mike and Ryan spent last summer on America's beautiful interstate 10, drinking in the hottest parts of the country and collecting material for the book. A fine artistic process from real artists resulting in a touching and powerful work.

Also in the works is Girls on the Subway, a book of voyeur poetry by Skinny-D Kalish with illustrations by visionary pervert, Adam Beebe. It's sure to be a classy addition to anyone's artfully arranged coffee table, alongside Architectural Digest and Freshman Pussy.


An innovate photo-based, re-inked comic book by a group of madmen and one madwoman. This will hopefully be as upsetting as a good David Lynch film.

Hardcore core-core: Bbbbbbb by Da Spooj, Spheres to the Rescue by the Spheres, Women and Home Life by GC vs. AH's James Call, and more music by Fluffycombs.

Butt-rockin' crap-core: albums in the works by Dr. Z and the Kenneth Cole Reaction, Nazi Mariachi and the Stereotypical Self-Loathing Jew Project.


The already-released timeless classics...

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