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Adam Infanticide: street-art

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I deserve a million dollars. people who don't recycle should be brutally beaten. sometimes I think I'm going insane.
together we can profit from this tragedy you are too ignorant to fully appreciate my art. john lennon was right.
god bless our brave billionaires this is a message from god. if you can't bring any beauty into the world, the next best thing is to show everybody how ugly everything is.
do you think I'm too pretentious? I'm an intellectual so I need to get drunk a lot. pretend you're in a rogers and hammerstien musical.
will you be my friend? I love police brutality you sick pervert
get drunk at work I'm a misunderstood genius god must be mad at you or something
I'm an avant garde artist sickness-cartridges rain from the aero-blimps. they're handing out leaflets calling the infections 'happiness' and 'beauty.' I'm expressing myself.

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