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Xerox Head/Fonsch Bride issue: 
These are the first two issues. I combined them into one because the second one was really short. Both are really scratchy and raw and full of odd content but are surprisingly good. Featuring an essay on "how to pack a nine" and other shit.

The Amanda J. Hargens issue:
I like this issue a lot. I don�t really know why. I guess it just looks cool. A lot of neurotic little stories in this one for some reason. My friend, Mandy is on the cover; That�s why it�s called the Mandy Hargens issue.

The Mao Chick issue:
This has been the most successful issue of Spleen-A-Zine but it has also stirred the most controversy. It�s definitely one of the better ones. Features Ted Bond�s deranged short story, "California" and a lot of angry and incoherent crap.

The Least Offensive Issue So Far:
I hate this issue because it was hastily made and probably the least provocative. It does have it�s good points I guess, such as an interview with Slow Gherkin and a bunch of extremely obsessive articles and the usual zine shit. Appropriate reading for hippies and/or sensitive Santa Cruz punk rockers. Golly!

Let�s Hear It For Capitalism issue:
Damian says this is the best Spleen-A-Zine of them all and I�d probably have to agree with him. Probably the most artistically sophisticated issue at least. There�s tons of little things to look at and read on every page including weird articles about jail, Saved by the Bell and three letters I wrote to the president. 

Give Me An Art Grant issue:
This is the new issue of the Spleen-A-Zine featuring weird new articles and some leftover shit that was previously unpublished. Fab! 

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Those space lasers can't save you now.
I'm an intellectual so I need to get drunk a lot.
let's hear it for capitalism.
Give me an art grant.

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